Road to Nationals

The UNH Wildcats have beat the reigning national champion Michigan State in the CLC Championship game, and are going to Salt Lake City as the #8 seed to play for a national championship. The final score was 14-7 on Sunday as the Wildcats took home their first conference title in 17 years. The Wildcats have completed a perfect regular season going 11-0, winning with an average of better than seven goals per game. They scored the most goals per game of any team in the CLC, and they gave up the fewest goals per game of any team in the CLC. Along the way, they have played six top 25 teams, and dispatched them by an average of almost six goals per game, including yesterday’s 14-7 victory over Michigan State.

This incredible season is not over yet, the national tournament will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah from May 6-11. As a club team the funds for this trip will not come from the school but rather from the individual players. Any and all donations will help pay for flights, busses and hotel rooms while in Utah. We ask all supporters of UNH Lacrosse to help us win a National Championship by donating here: