Team roster announced for 17′-18′ season

After 2 weeks of competitive tryouts the roster for the 17′-18′ season has been announced. Tryouts were extremely competitive with multiple rounds of cuts. Thank you to all who came and participated, we look forward to going into the spring season with an outstanding team. The roster is as follows:


    Billy Cavanaugh
    Kevin Burke
    Myles Markham
    Taylor Maniatty
    Matt French
    Sam Colombo
    Jeremy Mumford
    Charles Van Derveer
    Garrett Faino
    Matthew Vossler
    Bobby Gray
    Max Craig


    Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Savidge
    CJ Post
    Anthony Gallo
    Jake Srebnik
    Quinn Bridge
    Shane Bartlett
    John Ahonen
    Casey Cardon
    Ryan Costello
    Joe Brooks
    Mac Curry
    Sean Young
    Thomas O’Rourke
    Alex Skillings
    Sam Stanton
    Duncan Kirkpatrick
    Ryan Godschall


    Sean Donohue
    Michael Barrett
    Will Fogel
    Austin Hoey
    Kevin Kerrigan
    Theodore Dolan
    Matt Cancian
    Jack Fairfield
    Liam Costello


    Brian Nichols
    Noah Pantani
    Troy LaPolice
    Sean Walter
    Zach Schneeloch
    Owen Hungerford
    Nathaniel Baroni
    Owen Jordan
    Chris Cole
    John Leach
    Tyler Starr
    Brandon Hines
    Stephen Bernabie