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Frequently asked questions

What events do we recruiting at?

We will have coaches at the following events this summer. If you are attending, let us know and we will try to come see you play.

  • Primetime Shootout – Wellesley, MA.  June 18th – 19th 2022
  • Bulldog Brawl – Bryant University Smithfield, RI.  June 25th – 26th 2022
  • Legacy Invitational – Ft. Devens, MA.  June 28th -29th 2022
  • Green Mountain Games – Stowe, VT.  July 16th – 17th 2022

When are tryouts held?

Rookie tryouts for the 2021-2022 season will be held on Memorial Field on September 13th and 15th from 8PM-10 PM, and September 16th from 8:30PM-10:30PM. Returner and invited rookie tryouts will be held on the 20th, 22nd, and 24th of September, locations and times TBD. Check us out on twitter and Instagram for daily updates.

Tryouts for the are held early in the fall, generally within the first few weeks of the fall semester (early September).  If you plan on trying-out and live out of state remember to bring your gear with you to school because you will need it within the first few weeks.

Is the UNH men’s lacrosse team in the NCAA?

The UNH Men’s Lacrosse program is not a member of the NCAA, but rather a member of the MCLA (Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association). The MCLA is structured similarly to the NCAA with multiple divisions and teams from over 180 colleges across the country. UNH competes in Division 1 within the highly competitive CLC conference. The men’s lacrosse team operates as a virtual varsity at UNH. Virtual varsities are different than a traditional club teams in the fact that the team operates the same as any varsity (NCAA) team at UNH but without scholarships or financial assistance from the school.

Who does UNH compete against?

As a member of Division 1, UNH competes against top teams from around the country. UNH is a member of the CLC East conference which includes Boston College, UCONN, Northeastern and Buffalo. While most games occur on the east coast, we do travel during spring break to play teams from across the country. Teams from the most recent years include BYU, University of Arizona, Colorado, Colorado State, Grand Canyon University, University of Utah, Utah Valley, Tennessee, Wake Forest,Texas A&M, Georgia Tech and many more.

What is the practice schedule like?

The UNH Men’s Lacrosse team starts practice following the announcement of the roster early in the fall semester. During fall ball practices occur 2-3 times a week with scrimmages against MCLA and local NCAA teams occurring mostly during the weekends. Fall ball last until mid-November. The team does not meet during winter break but resumes with practices when the spring semester begins. During the spring season practice is held more often (3-4 times a week) with games on the weekends. Practice is considered mandatory unless an excused absence is permitted by the coach. Practices are held later in the day (usually 4pm and later) so that most classes will not interfere.

Can I join after my freshman year?

Yes, anyone can try out for the team. If you are a transfer student or spent the fall semester abroad notify a player or coach that you are interested in playing, there is still a chance for you to have a modified tryout. Email for more details.

How far does the team travel?

Most games occur within New England and are traveled to by bus as day trips. During spring break the team travels to a different location in the county where we get the opportunity to compete against teams in that area. In 2018 we traveled the coast of California playing teams such as UC Santa Barbra, Cal Poly and Concordia-Irvine.

Could I manage being on the lacrosse team and having a strenuous major/ be a member of ROTC or a Fraternity?

While we expect all of our team members to be 100% committed to the team, we understand that academics come first. Our philosophy is more in line with Division III lacrosse principles, with a balance between academics and athletics. Some of the current player’s fields of study range from mechanical engineering, nursing, computer science to biomedical science. There are also 4 current players in ROTC, 1 in the national guard and several in different fraternities around campus. If you have any further questions or want to speak to one of the athletes involved in one of these organizations or majors email