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Frequently asked questions

    Is UNH Men’s Lacrosse an NCAA program?

    UNH Men’s Lacrossee program is not a member of the NCAA; however we are a nationally recognized intercollegiate club team, participating as a Division I member of the MCLA with almost 200 teams.
    Who does UNH compete against?

    UNH competes in Division I of the PCLL (Pioneer Collegiate Lacrosse League).  The PCLL is one of the most competitive conferences in the country consisting of UNH, Boston College, Northeastern University, University of Connecticut,  SUNY Buffalo, and the University of Rhode Island. Other Conferences include the CCLA (Midwest), the SELC (Southeast), the Great rivers Lacrosse Conference (Midwest), the Lonestar Alliance (Texas), the UMLL (Upper Midwest), the RMLL (Rocky Mountains), the WCLL (West Coast), and the PNCLL (Pacific Northwest). All of the programs in the MCLA are club teams that operate as “virtual varsities.” They are well coached and highly structred teams that compete on a national scale.
    Along with the PCLL schedule, UNH Men’s Lacrosse also travels nationally during our spring break having played teams such as BYU, University of Arizona, Colorado, Colorado State, Grand Canyon University, University of Utah, Utah Valley,  Tennessee, Wake Forest,Texas A&M, and Georgia Tech over the years. The opportunity to play such a wide variety of schools and visit these various locations is definitely one of the many advantages to playing for a top level MCLA program.
    Is there a post-season tournament?

    Yes, the PCLL conference tournament is held on the last weekend of April. For the past few years the PCLL tourney has been held at Stevenson Field on the campus of Brown University. The winner of the PCLL, along with the champions from the other 9 conferences, earns an automatic bid to the national championship tournament in mid-may. Six other at-large bids are available to the rest of the teams in the conference who do not win their conference championship. The 2015 MCLA National Tournament was held on the campus of UC-Irvine in Irvine, California.
    What does “Virtual Varsity” mean?

    Virtual Varsity is a term often used by top-level MCLA teams as a way of distinguishing themselves from what many people associate with a typical “club”program. Virtual Varsity refers to the effort by the team to operate as if it were a Varsity program at the Institution. Attendance at all team events is considered mandatory and teams work on short and long term plans to try and develop a nationally respected program.
    How does playing MCLA lacrosse at UNH differ from playing NCAA lacrosse at other schools?

    Our philosophy at UNH is that we want to do whatever it takes to compete at the highest level possible and represent the University in the best possible way. As such, we look and act like a varsity program at practice and during games and we require our student-athletes to work hard to achieve team and individual goals. In addition, every one of our players must follow MCLA rules and regulations regarding academic eligibility. As a program with no scholarships to offer and a firm commitment to academic excellence, we don’t expect our players to make the same kind of time commitment as Division I varsity players do. While we expect all of our team members to be 100% committed to the team, we understand that academics come first. Our philosophy is more in line with Division III lacrosse principles, with a balance between academics and athletics.
    How can I join the team?

    Our season is broken down into two parts, fall and spring. The fall season consists of three practices a week and several scrimmages. We use the fall season to gauge the talent of newer players and develop team chemistry. If you are interested in playing, please contact us. Participation in fall tryouts is highly recommended to join the team. However, some players do tryout in the spring if they are transfer students or those who were abroad during the fall semester.
    Can I join after my freshman year?

    Yes. We understand that starting school or transferring to a new institution can be a lot and adding lacrosse immediately can be difficult. If during your career at UNH you are interested in joining the UNH Men’s Lacrosse program we are interested in your trying out for the team.

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